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Pokemon: 12-inch XY Dragon Noivern Plush Toy Doll

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Pokemon: 12-inch XY Dragon Noivern Plush Toy Doll

Charizard (Japanese: リザードン Rizaadon) is the Fire-type Starter Pokémon of the Kanto region, evolved from Charmeleon and the final evolution of Charmander. Charizard is the mascot of Pokémon Red and its remake, Pokémon FireRed.

Mega Pokémon is a second evolution method of Pokémon introduced in earlier generations. Some Pokémon need special Mega Stones in order to evolve into their Mega forms, the final forms for one-evolution families and second/true final forms for two-evolution families. Also, Pokémon can only enter their Mega Evolution Form by using the Mega Stone unique to their Species. For example: To evolve Blaziken into Mega Blaziken, Blaziken must be holding the Mega Stone Blazikenite.

Size: Approx. 12 inches Tall

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