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Half Life Inspired Headcrab Plush Hat

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Half Life Inspired Headcrab Plush Hat
Half Life Inspired Headcrab Plush Hat
  • They come when you least expect them and latches on to your head, sucking you until you have no more brain power left!
  • They are your popular, brain stealing, heart stopping, alien parasites inspired from the Half Life universe...and now they can be found on your head!
  • This is a hat featuring the alien specie, the headcrabs. Though not as dangerous or a hazard for your brain, this hat will make a great gift for any Half Life fan!
  • Having an elastic band that can expand up to approximately 22 inches, this hat will fit most heads!
  • It even has four legs; 2 in front which can hang down approximately 7.5 inches, and 2 in the back which hangs down approximately 5 inches.
  • The hat is also very soft to touch and will fit comfortably on your head. Please note this is not the official Headcrab product from Valve. This hat is just an inspire product from Half Life's Headcrab.
  • Dimension & Measurement: Elastic band stretches up to approx. 22 inches Front legs hangs approx. 7.5 inches Back legs hangs approx. 5 inches

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